Physical Therapy Services

Elisa is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and enjoys working with clients ranging from high school to professional athletes

Common Injuries

-Neck Pain

-Back Pain

-Knee Pain

-Hip Pain

-Shoulder Pain 

-Joint Stiffness

-Muscle Spasms

-Ankle Sprains

-Muscle Strains

-Ligament Injuries



Customized  Treatments

Depending on the client and individual needs, we are able to provide a variety  manual techniques for optimal improvement including:

- Therapeutic Dry Needling

- Cupping Therapy

- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

- Kinesiotaping

- Joint Mobilization 


Special Interests

We work with people of all ages and abilities but the clients we tend to work with most often are:

- Fitness Enthusiasts

- CrossFit Athletes

- Martial Artists

- Golfers

- Weight Lifters

- Tennis Players

- Baseball and Softball Players

- Gymnasts



Why Physical Therapy?

Often times, we find ourselves going to PT because we are already hurt but realistically, we would love to work with you before injuries even occur!  We provide movement screen and professional movement analysis to identify areas that may create problems down the road.  Let's stop injuries before they start!